Driving Test / Exam Nerves

Hypnotherapy for Driving Test and Exam Nerves in Dundee

Many people fail their Driving Test and Exams simply because they become too nervous.

Some even fail to turn up for their exams or a driving test because of nerves.

It seems that everything they have practised and learned sometimes over many months or years has suddenly been forgotten their mind goes blank and they begin to panic, resulting in the candidate failing their driving test over and over again, or not achieving the grades they have predicted in their exams. Leaving them feeling very disappointed in their performance.


  • Does all that preparation and practice seem wasted?

  • Are your nerves getting in the way of you passing your test?

  • Do you feel sick just thinking about your driving test?

  • Your legs start to shake when the test starts.

  • Does your mind go blank?

  • Do you find you just can’t concentrate?

  • Do you begin to Panic?

This is where hypnotherapy can help.

Using highly effective and proven techniques I can help even the most nervous clients to pass their driving test and exams, helping you to achieve your goals.

I do this by helping you to relax, but at the same time I can help you to focus, concentrate and feel confident in your own ability and to perform at a heightened state of awareness.

This new feeling can be achieved without the need for drugs, such as calms, rescue and even beta blockers or any other drugs your doctor or pharmacist may prescribe. These drugs can help you to relax but at the same time many of them reduce your awareness and concentration at the time when you need them most. This makes you perform well below your capability.


How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is a brilliant tool to help overcome driving test or exam nerves. During therapy I am able to bypass the conscious mind and help put suggestions into the subconscious to enable the two to work together. By doing this, I can start training your imagination to work for you, rather than against you.

In this situation, we can run through an ideal driving test or exam in your mind. Instead of playing a horror movie of everything going wrong, we can suggest everything going right, you feeling nice and calm, relaxed and in control. We can go through all of the manoeuvres in your mind, with you feeling how you would like to feel during your test.


We are starting to re-train your mind by doing this and breaking the unhelpful habits you have got into by imagining things going wrong. By imagining things going right, you are training yourself to react in a positive, helpful way.