I have had the pleasure of helping many people overcome their own personal issues.

Here is what some of them have to say:



“I had suffered with anxiety for many years from a teen but the older i got the worse it seemed to get and the more it controlled me. I then decided after becoming a mother it was time to take control. I struggled with going out socialising and going into crowded places.

I found Graeme online and after days of thinking I decided to message him. .

There was no pressure and we booked a time that suited me and off I went for my session.

After a few sessions I went to a busy restuarant and realised when I got home at not one point did I panic or feel stressed I had a great night for the first time in a long time and every day since has been the same!

I am now planning a trip to Alton Towers somewhere I haven’t been since a child and wouldn’t of dreamed of going before! I would have panicked at the thought!

Graeme was very welcoming and didn’t make me feel like i had to use his services it was all your choice! It was great!

I would highly recommend Graeme to anyone thinking it’s time to take control of their life! You will be so glad that you did it will change your life just like it has changed mine! Thank you Graeme from me and all my family! The old me is back!”

K.L. Dundee



“I was on medication for several years with severe migraines which affected my sleeping pattern. This had a negative impact on my career and relationships with those outside work.
I was always short tempered and stressed at the smallest of issues.

Graeme taught me wonderful techniques so that I don’t need medication to sleep at night.
I have had several more sessions with Graeme ,which  has completely changed my relationships with colleagues at work and loved ones at home. Now I feel more confident and happier than ever before.”

C.W. Broughty Ferry