Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in Dundee

What is Insomnia?


Insomnia is defined as difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next morning.


Most of us will have experienced a disrupted sleep and will know how it feels when you can’t seem to fall asleep. It may be that you are thinking about the next day or have had a coffee too near to bedtime. Perhaps you found it easy to fall asleep, but continue to wake up through the night. Either way, a rough sleep can leave you feeling drained and irritable the next day. Those who suffer from insomnia will experience these feelings regularly.


It is estimated that a third of people in the UK have episodes of insomnia during their lives. While it is not uncommon, it is believed that it can affect any age. However, people over the age of 60 and women appear to be more susceptible.


When treating sleeping problems, there are various approaches you could take. It is important to first speak to your doctor to eliminate any physical causes. Your doctor may recommend you take medicine to help you sleep. For some people, this can be an effective treatment, but it is important to try and find out the underlying cause to the problem.



Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Hypnotherapy is a treatment option that many people find highly effective. Hypnotherapy for insomnia can tackle any potential causes,while helping you relax and drop off to sleep. For example, if anxiety or depression is the source of your insomnia, hypnotherapy for sleep can help you overcome these issues. Overcoming these issues may then help to improve your sleeping pattern. Alternatively, if a habit is causing your insomnia (such as alcohol) hypnotherapy can work to break this habit.


I have treated many people for sleep dysfunction.  Some had long-term problems and others suffered from occasional insomniac episodes.  Some people fall asleep rapidly and others lie awake for an hour or more before finally dozing off.  Those who fall asleep readily, often awake at 3 am and lie awake for hours before finally falling asleep from exhaustion, just before their alarm goes off!


Which of those scenarios do you relate to?  Or are you dealing with more than one of these problems?

Regardless of why you have difficulty sleeping, hypnotherapy can solve your insomnia and other sleep problems.


I have put together a powerful set of tools to help you to solve your own particular sleep problems.  With me you’ll learn to:


  • Fall asleep faster.

  • Awaken more refreshed.

  • Fall back asleep if you wake up in the night.

  • Power nap at will.

  • Rapidly erase negative thoughts at bedtime that keep you awake.

  • Experience deep relaxation that is restorative to your body and mind.

  • Run your brain more effectively to make sleep a natural occurrence.

  • Create a sleep promoting environment, at home or on the road.

Get in touch if a lack of sleep is affecting your life.