Pain Management

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management in Dundee

Chronic pain is a complicated issue that can be hard to treat. Often, a variety of approaches are needed to help lessen pain, improve independence and help you cope with the emotional implications.


There are many causes of long-term pain, including conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Concerns like this require medical intervention and a pain management treatment plan. For many, complementary approaches such as hypnotherapy form part of this plan.


Pain management


If you experience pain on a regular basis, it’s important to consider chronic pain management. As tempting as it may be to lie in bed and not move, in most cases this only makes things worse. Inactivity can cause your body to stiffen up and over time you lose strength. This can then affect your sleep and mood.


If you are able to, try to stay as mobile as possible. Gentle exercise can actually work as a natural form of pain relief. Be sure to consult your doctor to find out which exercises you can do safely. Look for something that won’t put too much strain on your body such as:


  • walking

  • yoga

  • swimming.

Sometimes just getting up and being active is enough. Listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself.


Many people with chronic conditions require some form of physical therapy. This will be carried out by medical professionals as part of your treatment plan. Physical therapy generally involves stretching exercises, manipulation and other pain relief exercises.


Medications and painkillers can also form part of your chronic pain management plan. Your doctor should always advise this. Painkillers can be effective, however it is important to use them safely as they can have side effects.


Another important aspect of pain management involves looking at the link between the body and mind.


Hypnotherapy for pain


Therapies that address the mind-body link are often recommended for those dealing with long-term pain. Stress and anxiety are common side effects of pain and can even make the sensation feel worse. The way the mind responds to pain also links to the perception of physical sensations.


Helping to reduce stress and change the thought patterns related to pain can therefore make a huge difference to pain perception. For this, many opt for hypnotherapy.


When you are under hypnosis you focus on relaxation and letting go of distracting thoughts. This temporarily tunes out the conscious part of your mind, opening you up to the power of suggestion. At this point I can make suggestions to encourage pain relief, and also give post-hypnotic suggestions, allowing you to carry out self-hypnosis after your sessions end.


Rather than convincing you that your pain doesn’t exist, hypnotherapy for pain aims to manage any fear and anxiety you may have relating to your pain. It also helps to reduce stress and relax the nervous system to help it become less reactive to pain.


The number of sessions you’ll need will depend on your individual circumstances, however hypnotherapy for pain usually lasts between four and 10 sessions. I will also make recordings for you to use at home so you can continue to employ hypnosis techniques.